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Welcome to Anell Medias – Where every tale unfolds across various media.
Explore our creative production, a hub for culture, tech, and education lovers, bringing stories to life for kids aged 3 to 13.

Our mission? To craft unforgettable transmedia adventures that ignite curiosity and inspire young minds.

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thrilling animated series, fun video games, enchanting books, and captivating live shows.

Each project opens a door to discovery, designed to captivate young audiences and celebrate cultural diversity.

The Fellowship of Armonia

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What is Transmedia?

The art of storytelling across multiple platforms - At Anell Medias, transmedia means creating story ecosystems where each medium enriches the tale. Discover how our stories unfold on different platforms for a complete, immersive experience.

Our Social Commitment

Our Social Commitment - Our foundation is built on our Social and Solidarity Economy structure, shaping our company culture with strong ethical values. We’re dedicated to projects that teach kids the values of solidarity and cooperation.

Artists in Co-Creation

The magic behind the scenes - meet our team of creators : authors, illustrators, animators, and developers, all driven by a passion for crafting worlds where imagination knows no bounds. Together, we bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

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