Our artists


Script Writer and TV writer

Morgan Riester is the creator of XIV. Screen Writer and Radio Writer, he is closely collaborating with the comedian Pablo Mira and co-wrote his first one-man show. Writer for the TV show “Quotidien” (La Réac du Réac), he has also worked on many animated shows, among other things Edmond and Lucy (Miam Animation – 2020), Ziggy & Diego (Millimages -2009). http://www.agencesartistiques.com/Fiche-Artiste/742674-morgan-riester.html


Kids Illustrator and Comic Book Writer

Romain Garouste is the main graphic designer of XIV. Born in 1984 in Paris, Romain is Writer – Illustrator in Vannes, Brittany. Marine biologist and agronomist from training education, he works in the aquaculture and agronomy for four years before coming back to his early love : Creation ! Right after his graphic designer & web training at the Emile Cohl school, he is now working for kids press (Spirou, Bayard Jeunesse, Mickey’s Journal), publishing (Elytis, 404 éditions, Hachette), boardgames, and communication. https://www.artstation.com/romaingarouste/profile


2D Graphic Designer and Kids Illustrator

Marie Marmion is the graphic Designer of The Magicionary Quest. Freelancer illustrator in Nantes, Marie loves to develop universe full of magic and is passioned about characters designing. She is working simultaneous for Kids illustration and Comic Books. https://violet-tsubaki.fr/



Marie Garcia is the creator of Harmonies ! Scriptwriter and director, she signed her first writer contract in 2006 for the Kids show c.com-c@. Since then, she has been working on several animated shows like Noddy (2018) or Edmond & Lucy (2020) and sometimes direct shorts. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mariegarcias/


2D Graphic Designer

Léa Hersant is the Graphic Designer of Harmonies ! Coming from the Illustration and the Graphic Design industry, Lea works as well on illustrations and 2D animation designs. https://www.artstation.com/leahrsnt



Thomas is the composer of Harmonies ! He works for feature films and video games. In 2016, he was awarded 1st prize at the International Red Bull Media Portfolio Film Scoring Competition for his hybrid composition. A few months later, his orchestral score for an animated movie called “The Little Thing” won the Film Score Award at the European Talent Competition in SoundTrack Cologne. Recently, Thomas composed the music for the Disney ad campaign, for the video game Grounded and was part of the music team that worked on the Netflix show Sweet Tooth. Additionally, he is working on concert music, commissioned by the WDR Funkhausorchester of Cologne, chamber music ensembles and his jazz trio. https://www.thomaschabalier.com/


Graphic designer and illustrator

Sophie “Sanoe” is the artistic director of HéméraAfter studying visual communication in animation in Bordeaux, she works as a graphic designer first before switching to illustration for comic books and children books. https://www.instagram.com/sanoesnou/?hl=fr