CEO and Editorial Development Director

Editorial development director and Script Doctor in the animation industry for 10 years, she is in charge of the editorial department and oversees transmedia projects within Anell. Also, a children’s books author, she is ready to tale many wonderful tales !

Production Director

In charge of the production department, ensuring cultural and audiovisual synergy between all media supports. She has over 10 years of experience in the production industry and will be working in the heart of the production temple !


Head of the ethics and partnerships

Executive producer of commercials, documentary, television shows and cultural events, Virginie is the CEO of the music production company, Touché Music and the editorial coordinator of Nausicart. To create a healthy working place, she oversees the ethics of the projects and partnerships. 


Board games development manager 

Artistic director and motion designer 2D & 3D for more than 15 years for audiovisual children contents , Justine has created the visual identity of Anell Medias. Creative writer for board games, she will combine her knowledges to engage children and their parents into playing !